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Retreat Options

Each retreat program is tailor-made to suit your wellness needs in terms of nutrition, holistic treatments and workouts. Our staff will guide you every step of the way.

Lifestyle Programs

Lifestyle programs focus on evoking a state of calm, recovery and relaxation, fuelled with nutritious, organic meals.

In the care of bodiku professionals, you will spend 5-days treated to an array of first-class pampering, intimate group movement activities and delicious cuisine.


The proposed agenda offers you flexibility to enjoy the afternoons from 2pm, and evenings at your personal leisure.


On request, our onsite management team will help to accommodate your preferred ‘leisure time’ agenda, opening fun and exciting opportunities to explore, shop or simply retire into the blissful surrounds of your villa’s natural landscape.


Retreat activities included in the Lifestyle program commence from 8:00 am to 2pm daily. Activities, transport and meals outside of the retreat agenda, are incurred at the additional personal expense of the participant.

Active Programs

Active programs build onto the Lifestyle Retreat agenda and incorporate additional personalised physical movement sessions, tailored to your interests and personal goals.


These one-on-one sessions optimise your training potential in the care of bodiku professionals, who are accredited both with decades of experience and international body sculpting titles.


You will also experience a session of guided meditation and instruction (and practice) in breath work techniques, which greatly assist in managing stress levels, enhancing cognitive abilities, improving your quality of sleep and optimising a host of regenerative benefits within your body.

These retreats will help you to

release accumulated stress in your body  

combat sore, tired and tense muscles                  

refuel your body with healthy nutrients

experience new levels of energy and vitality       

manage stressful situations in a more peaceful manner

boost your immune system

clear emotional and spiritual blockages

feel confident in the way you look and feel

​develop a means of enhancing physical and mental stamina using ‘hacks’ that our performance experts will share with you.

This is definitely for me…. what’s next ?


Booking a bodiku retreat opens the door to customised attention towards achieving your energy, resilience and wellness goals.


We commence this immediately with an invitation to share information about your current lifestyle and eating habits with our wellness team.


Getting to know you in this intimate and confidential manner highlights your strengths and challenges, and helps us to determine what techniques and practices will best serve you.


We then curate a retreat experience that supports your well-being in equal measure with having a great time.



        June     15 *4 Places Available

June     22 *Fully Booked

July      06 *Fully Booked

Retreat programs outside of these dates are welcome. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for details.


IMPORTANT - Please read our Retreat Purchase Protocols Link HERE

For reservations or inquiries email or WhatsApp to :

+62 - 812 - 381 - 8701

+62 - 811 - 388 - 4060


We look forward to meeting you soon !


"Bodiku retreats are based on traditional Balinese values, providing a time-tested approach to achieving holistic wellbeing.


Our unique program harmoniously blends physical activity, nutrition guidance, and mental mindfulness – an authentically harmonized blend that has been used for centuries to promote balance."

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