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Komang Arnawa is not your average World Champion athlete. Born into a family of humble Balinese priests spanning 2 generations, Komang embraces a personal philosophy of Life in Balance, centered on the realization that strength of all forms originates from within, and is fine tuned with the pursuit of knowledge.

Komang evokes a positive and appreciative mindset to nurture his Life in Balance belief and to fuel his professional aspirations in fitness and wellness.


This attitude has thus far paved the way for an incredible journey from penurious childhood to undefeated champion of 6-successive international bodybuilding titles, to Director of bodiku; his fitness & wellness management company, to the subject of Portfolio Productions award winning documentary ‘Earth Meets Wind, to the President of IFBB Indonesia.


Komang brings to his Fitness Professional role, a training philosophy focused on creating a lifestyle in harmony with becoming your best; physically, mentally, spiritually and socially, from a mind, body, food perspective.

His charismatic personality, and remarkable physical presence, offers a welcome assurance that you are definitely in capable hands and have found an ideal guide to fine-tune your own version of Life in Balance.


To access his fitness guidance from aboard, please click 'HERE

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