Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Lifestyle, Active and an Educational retreat program?

Lifestyle retreat programs offer our guests a luxurious getaway in which to experience activities that focus on evoking a state of calm, recovery and relaxation, fuelled with nutritious, organic cuisine. It begins with a VIP welcome to the island of Bali in the care of an official airport concierge who will facilitate the necessary arrival formalities, and luggage collection, on your behalf. Avoiding the queues, you are whisked into the arms of our personal bodiku driver who will ensure your arrival at the retreat property is very comfortable and timely. In the care of bodiku professionals, you will spend 5 days treated to an array of first-class pampering, intimate group movement activities and delicious cuisine. The proposed agenda offers you the flexibility to enjoy the afternoons (from 2pm onwards) and evenings at your personal leisure. On request, our onsite management team will help to accommodate your preferred ‘leisure time’ agenda, opening fun and exciting opportunities to explore, shop or simply retire into the blissful surrounds of the villa’s natural landscape. Kindly note : Official retreat activities of the Lifestyle program take place from 7:30am to 2pm daily. Activities, transport and meals outside of the retreat agenda, are incurred at the additional personal expense of the participant. Active Programs build onto the Lifestyle Retreat agenda and incorporate additional personalised physical movement sessions, tailored to your abilities and goals. These one on one sessions optimize your training potential in the care of bodiku professionals, who are accredited both with decades of experience and international body sculpting titles. You will also experience a session of guided meditation and instruction (and practice) in breathwork techniques, which greatly assist in managing stress levels, enhancing cognitive abilities, improving your quality of sleep and optimizing a host of regenerative benefits within your body. Educational – Premium level - Programs incorporate the elements of both Lifestyle and Active retreats combined, plus an additional 6 hours (over three days) of educational presentations. These mini seminars are very intimate and hosted in the comfort of your villa. They cover topics associated with achieving optimal health and sustainable energy, strategies for improved cellular aging and enhanced cognitive function using science based principals. A Premium level retreat program will give you a clear understanding, and an appreciation of the 4 pillars of optimal health – Nutrition, Physical Movement, Recovery & Mindset. You will acquire the knowledge and resources (and a plan of action) to take personal control of your health, and build strength and resilience with the goal of achieving your best potential. Premium Level participants also have a personal driver allocated from 6-9pm to accommodate the transport arrangements of any evening leisure time or dining engagements.

How long are the Retreat Programs & when should I arrive?

Bodiku hosts 3 levels of Retreat programs over 4-nights and 5-days in a quiet & luxurious villa nestled in the heart of Seminyak, Bali. Option 1 – Lifestyle Retreats Option 2 – Active Retreats Option 3 – Educational Retreats In order to offer you a very personal and curated experience, Active and Educational programs are very intimate in nature, often with a maximum of 5 participants (or 5 couples). It is important that you arrange your flights to accommodate the proposed arrival times illustrated on the retreat agenda. Late attendance, for any reason, will unfortunately warrant less inclusions in your retreat agenda without refund. For this reason, it is recommended that all participants arrange travel insurance prior to their departure. In the event that you arrive in Bali prior to the commencement date of the program, you have the option to utilize our VIP arrival procedure and amend the destination of your arrival transfer to your pre-retreat accommodation venue. Additional transport arrangements to the retreat venue can be accommodated on request but will incur an additional charge.

Will I be obliged to always be in the company of other retreat participants?

The design of bodiku’s retreat villa provides you with the flexibility to enjoy the company of other retreat guests by the pool or in the dining and lounge areas, or to find quiet solitude in the comfort of your private room. This personal space lies within the villa compounds, but is presented as a separate enclosure, furnished with luxurious sleeping quarters and a private ensuite bathroom complete with a natural, chemical free range of amenities.

Is there any flexibility to the program?

When desired, retreat guests are at liberty to refrain from participating in any element of the program. Under these circumstances however, a refund for missed seminars or activities is not possible. On request, designated spa treatments can be rescheduled to your preferred day and time however, under these circumstances, amendments can only be accommodated based on the therapist’s availability. Consequently, notification of any changes to spa treatment times, should be communicated asap to ensure your preferred time can be accommodated.

What is the departure procedure?

On the final day of the Retreat program, we welcome you to join us for a farewell breakfast at one of Bali’s most beautiful properties. After checkout at 12pm, private drivers are allocated to retreat participants to help facilitate your personal agenda prior to arriving at the airport. In the event that you wish to remain in Bali after the conclusion of the retreat program, driver services will be available to you until 8pm. After that time, additional requests for transport, or airport transfers, are outside of the retreat inclusions and should be arranged personally.