Learn more about Komang Arnawa

Komang Arnawa rose to fame as a drug free competitor in the International bodybuilding arena and twice holds the highest honour in the sport as Pro World Champion ( 2004 and 2005 ). He is also a performance nutrition specialist, and applies his knowledge, experience and science based principles, to reach and maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual health.


He remains undefeated throughout his competitive career as the world’s top ‘drug free’ bodybuilder.


“My study and experimentation as a fitness professional has transitioned 180 degrees from my former “bodybuilder” mindset of ‘Live to Eat’  to an ‘Eat to Live’ mentality.



"I started bodybuilding at 14 years old to pass the time, and enjoyed ‘fighting’ martial art style with my two brothers. 


Our amateur-style techniques soon became more disciplined after we joined a club offering free karate lessons to kids. Once I progressed to black belt, and competed in local competitions, my Sensei (guru) suggested I combine weight training with the karate training to improve my strength. Because my parents did not have enough money to join a gym, I made my own barbells and dumbbells out of steel poles and cement. 


Nineteen years of serious commitment has provided me with valuable information on the degree to which my body will perform under various conditions. My knowledge of strength training and body shaping equally embraces health, nutrition and exercises and training methods to achieve a desired response from the body, and muscle development.

I enjoy helping people to have a better understanding of their bodies, and also guiding them towards achieving the shape and energy levels they desire. I try to lead by example, however the commitment to change must come from them. The steps I introduce make goals achievable and I look forward to sharing my experience with men and women who are ready to level up their lifestyle."