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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for longevity, and it starts with prioritizing fitness and wellness. Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is a great way to stay in shape and boost your overall health.

Whether you prefer jogging, yoga, boxing, or weightlifting, finding an exercise routine that you enjoy is key to making it a sustainable habit.

In addition to fitness, cultivating healthy habits like eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest are also important for a healthy lifestyle.

By making small, incremental changes to your lifestyle, you can make a significant impact on your health and well-being in the long run.



2023 Retreat Calendar


We only have one more vacancy available at the Lotus retreat on June 15 - 19, we are doing a special rate - that is 15% off.

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Bodiku is a team of holistic health and movement professionals who guide you towards understanding, valuing and achieving your next level of energy, vitality and resilience, using methods attuned to the uniqueness of you.

Our fitness programs can provide resorts with custom solutions tailored to their specific market conditions.

With our expertise and knowledge, we can help create comprehensive fitness menus or programs that meet their client's needs and expectations while maximizing success rates and improving customer satisfaction.


Bodiku has expanded beyond yoga and we can conveniently arrange our fitness services at your villa.

• Different styles of Yoga

• Guided Meditation

• BreathWork

• Qigong

• English style Boxing

• Muay Thai - Kick boxing

• Personal training - Circuit & Strength training

• TRX Suspension Training

Book Direct +62 8113884060

For further details, please visit our official website at

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