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Tips to Improve Your Gut Health?

Improving your gut health starts with what you eat. It’s the most natural way to support your good gut bacteria. They eat what you eat, so feed them well.


  • Cut back on sugar: If you make one change to improve your gut health, make it this. Bad bacteria love sugar and feed off of it. Cut back on sugar (that includes the fructose in fruit), low-nutrient carbohydrates, conventional dairy and alcohol.

  • Eat more whole foods: The hallmark of a thriving digestive system is a balanced gut microbiome.

  • Up your fiber intake: We’re not talking about cardboard cereal made with whole grains. Although grains and legumes are sources of fiber, but they’re also sources of antinutrients that can contribute to inflammation and impede nutrient absorption. We recommend reaching for leafy greens, nuts, root vegetables and prebiotic.

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