Testimonial bodiku - Desmond-KovalFor those either visiting or living in Bali and looking for a truly exceptional Physical Trainer, I strongly encourage you to contact Komang. For me, it has been a totally transformative experience. His style is sincere, focused, and not one size fits all. His programs are fully rounded with focus upon lifetime nutrition, sustainable exercise, and mental focus. He also sponsors great executive retreats and boot camps for those looking to intensify their Bali experience. Contact me if you would like additional insight. “
Desmond Koval - Partner, Saks Gloweli Consulting
testimonial bodiku - john stevensKomang, aside from his many championships, has a unique capacity to raise the level of others expectations in themselves both physically and spiritually. If you get a chance to work with him, don’t pass it up. In Komang’s mind, everyone is a champion (if they focus, listen to life’s lessons and put in the work). Who know where the roots of determination are buried? Komang has the unique capacity to tap in and unearth such to empower others, he’s a true leader. Komang has the unique ability to bring these things out in people who he works with.”
Jonathan Stevens,
World Bank, Senior Technical Advisor/Consultant Civil and Environmental Engineer/Economist
Nairana-OrmsbyThe morning after Musclemania Figure America…sitting here peacefully contemplating the long awaited day that came, that went, that was, and I am filled with nothing but gratitude for this guy… This guy… My Coach aka Mr Miyagi aka komang ARNAWA.

Just under a year ago I had the chance opportunity to meet this Pro World Champion who humbly heard me out, heard me waffle on & on about my aspirations & ambitions, resulting in me kindly asking if he would enlighten me on how to train, when to train, what to eat, when to eat, when to sleep, went to sh*t (lol not) but you get the idea…

And the rest as they say is history…

I am humbled by his philosophy, his patience, his coaching, his care and guidance these past 11 months on my journey- the evolution alone and the education I have received has far expanded beyond the gym filtering into many areas of my life.

Mindset. It’s first and foremost- before the physical, before the nutrition -its mindset. This has been the number one lesson I’ve had each second under his care. We can all seek out teachers & guides in this life to help open the doors to our desires, -but it can only be ourselves that can walk through the door to what we ultimately want & what we choose to give energy to in life. I’ve learnt anything is possible with discipline, patience & persistence. I’ve learnt a lifestyle and it’s now my life.
From his care and guidance I have also learnt how blessed we are on this planet for the wholesome living foods & minerals our Mother Earth has provided us to nourish and strengthen the body without the need for all the commercialism “hype” of protein powders, pre workouts, post workouts and factory/ pharmaceutical processed synthetic supplements & fads. There is just no need for me and I have simply learnt to live off the land with all the wonderful natural living foods available to each and every one of us. Everything has a balance.

Combined with mindset and good living nutrition I have learnt that my only complimentary number one supplement I need is something I have always loved doing, – Pumping Iron:) I love working out and waking up each day feeling strong.

It has taken me 17 years through life’s peaks and troughs to make this dream of mine a reality and I am overjoyed at the experience of competing yesterday and the whole journey it has been so far. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Bodiku Fitness Management….being my amazing coach Komang and his beautiful wife Natalie for their unwavering support of everything over the months to make this happen and to also travel here with me to the U.S.

Thank you… This is only the beginning:)”
Nairana Ormsby,
Designer - www.pelledarte.com